Let’s go…

Hi everyone!
“We are the generation, that unloaded its heartsickness,  among the detonation’s mortars inside the cities, under the Taliban’s sword along the country’s highways and into the whales’ mouth at the emigration’s marsh.
Let’s come together to shout our sorrows in the streets of the pain and injustice capital; the Kabul city; At least for once.”.
Let’s go to streets, to say to the world, that we are human beings, we, as citizens, have some basic rights; that must be respected and observed, and you world! Stop helping the oppressors ,or help us to have our very basic rights.
Let’s go to the streets, to shout this, that we can’t and we don’t bear the discrimination, injustice and oppression, any more.
Let’s rush to the streets, to make others know, that we are united, as a nation, as  countrymen and women, and as Afghanistan’s citizens and kabul’s residents and will fight for our rights, until having them obtained.


A group of girls, protesting against the murder of 7 hazara people, 2015.

Let’s come together hand in hand, to illuminate the great Bamiyan and its great Buddhas, to eliminate the discrimination and injustice, and to make our country’s future brighter and shiny.


The story of a student.

As I might have said to you that I am studying architecture and this year is my last year in the college, that’s why I am very busy with college’s tasks. Such as designing final project, preparing monograph and sometimes reading my subjects.
Today was actually the second time that I went to the college for getting help from my teacher who is supposed to help and guide me through my jobs.
My monograph title is “Afghanistan’s historical and cultural palace” which I am Interested in that field.
As you know most of the Afghanistan’s historical and cultural palaces are in the bamiyan province. Bamiyan is one of those provinces that most of there citizens are from hazara tribe.
The Buddha statues are placed in the bamiyan province.
Because of that most of my monograph’s subjects are referred to bamiyan, hazara tribe, Buddha statues, and other stuff which are related to the bamiyan, Buddhism and statues.
When I was explaining my article to the teacher, I wondered when he said to me that I must remove those parts which are related to Buddhism or statues. When I asked him why, he said that our religion is Islam we are Muslim and we mustn’t read or write about other things. The Buddhism, Buda and bamiyan’s statues do not have a place in our history.
I said to him that the most part of our culture and cultural place and cultural events had been made on that time.
I said that without bamiyan and Buda’s statue approximately we do not have any culture. The most page of our history has been created by bamiyan and its statues. Our culture got shaped by bamiyan.
Why I Am not allowed to put just the name of bamiyan in my monograph, as without bamiyan and its statues my monograph is nothing.
He said that if you do not Keep up with the situation we will change your title…
After discussing and getting some kind of headache, I get out from his office without getting any appropriate response.
I came to my house.
But I promise to you guys that I won’t change the title and I will mention and discuss about the bamiyan in my monograph in fact I have to. If it is my monograph, If I am supposed to prepare the monograph I will write about the great Buddha.