Goodbye Farsi.

​I promised myself not to write (Farsi) anymore. Could that be either a turning point, getting raid of the bullshits which we all are used to continue with no pause, or a personal decision. The point is this, that in both cases, it wouldn’t be wasting time for nothing. 

In addition, Writing in English help me write whatever I want to, in my way and without considering the “already fake”  Facts. Crossing the borders, which are created by language and the people who communicate with.

There would be some points, views or Simply feelings that without native language, one cannot express them in the best phase but; I would simply ignore them. Yeah, this is the best tool to expressing such feelings; keeping them for yours as the most secrets. 

Afterward, I will try, instead of writing about nothing (because there are no longer any one to read) taking pictures, of everything which has something to say, to express or to mark.

Below is to start…