How Kabul Has Become A City Of Darkness.

Kabul city is beautiful, charming and lovely, located in the eastern section of Afghanistan’s Kabul province. The population of the Kabul city is around 3.5 million people. Due to rapid urbanization it’s the 64th largest and the fifth fastest growing city in the world. It’s been the capital of Afghanistan since 1775.
As the capital, the city is the heart of the country. It shows the prospect of a country and it would be the only window to the country through which the world has a vision of Afghanistan. 
Some reports have been released which are saying that the Kabul city is on the top of the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. After 2014 and Afghanistan’s third presidential election after the Taliban regime, the security and the city’s economic situation get worse. 
After 2014, Kabul city has been the witness to the suicide attacks and other kind of insecurity each month. In 2015 Kabul city was the scene of attacks and suicide bombers every single week, causing the economic growth to slow.
Most of the Kabulis who had a job and were living under a good condition, lost everything. They lost their jobs, they were afraid of becoming the next victim of various attacks and they preferred to leave their home and escaped. Thousands of Kabulis emigrated to Europe to find a job and live a free life.
This is not only true for Kabulis, all of Afghanistan’s people are experiencing these kinds of bad experiences and live their life under an unknown destiny.
Kabul city is going through suicide attacks weekly and is the witness to the many insecurities in the area of security. It has been two weeks the Kabul city’s citizens had no electricity and power to turn on their lights to light up their houses. Officials say that the Taliban group has detonated the major supplies which are carrying out the electricity imported from the Uzbekistan. 
Most of the city’s factories have been shut down since the city sank in the dark. Those which offer electricity based services, like photo copiers, net cafes, and many other businesses are turned off. Those which are active offer services but the prices are very expensive compared to three weeks ago. 
In addition, due to the lack of city electricity, most of the city’s services are turned off; the freezing and cold weather of the city also have negative impacts on the capital’s citizens. Lack of electricity made the citizens use coal-burning heaters which is the main cause of air pollution in the Kabul city.
If you have a look at the sky of the city in the mornings or evenings, you will see a thick layer of fog in the city’s sky, which is the main cause of cancer in the long term and is the cause of many health problems in the short term      


Kabul,The sunset.


Candlelight, instead of lamplight.

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