And the father who sold his daughter…

​It’s been a year since last time I was at home with my family. There in my village I was invited to a wedding by those families which are living in our neighborhood and in my village it’s a must-do practice inviting all of the villagers in a wedding.

I went to the wedding party, but faced with the saddest party one would ever be faced with. Everyone except the father of the bride was sad in those moments both for the groom’s age which was aequal to the age of the bride’s father, and the groom’s (first) wife. or in other words; the bride was more like the daughter of that old man, than his wife.

 I know that girl (bride) since she was born. She is hardly 14. The man whom she was to marry is a local businessman and already have a big family; two daughters and three sons. 

That wedding was actually, exchanging; the fate of a woman and the whole life of that girl with money. 

The same story is happening tonight. A 16 years old girl is getting married to a man who has the age of her father. Actually, the man who is going to be her husband, is the closest friend of her father.

I know this girl too, who in the next few hours going to be the stepmother of five teenagers, who are more like her brothers and sisters, than her step-daughter/son. 

You would ask yourself that, what is the relationship between these two stories?  Except the hard life, which is living by the first groom, and is waiting for the second one. 

Well, Because the first story is happened in my village -Nawur, Ghazni, Afghanistan and the second one is happening now (22:05) in the Kabul city, the capital of the country. 
The organizations which are working to keep the women’s basic rights safe, in Afghanistan, have said that child-marriage is happening just in remote villages, where is not under the control of the government and people often sell their daughters in exchange of the money or farmland. But now in the capital of the country, in Kabul; me and hundreds of people like me, including the women/children rights activists are attending to such weddings party without thinking about that girl, and the kind of life she is forced to live in. 

☆ I was writing while I was inside the car (an excuse for the mistakes) coming back from an event which is going to be the start of another tragedy, that the Afghan girls have to be faced with. Sexual harassment of women, girls and children, is the other one and there are many ones…

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Let’s go…

Hi everyone!
“We are the generation, that unloaded its heartsickness,  among the detonation’s mortars inside the cities, under the Taliban’s sword along the country’s highways and into the whales’ mouth at the emigration’s marsh.
Let’s come together to shout our sorrows in the streets of the pain and injustice capital; the Kabul city; At least for once.”.
Let’s go to streets, to say to the world, that we are human beings, we, as citizens, have some basic rights; that must be respected and observed, and you world! Stop helping the oppressors ,or help us to have our very basic rights.
Let’s go to the streets, to shout this, that we can’t and we don’t bear the discrimination, injustice and oppression, any more.
Let’s rush to the streets, to make others know, that we are united, as a nation, as  countrymen and women, and as Afghanistan’s citizens and kabul’s residents and will fight for our rights, until having them obtained.


A group of girls, protesting against the murder of 7 hazara people, 2015.

Let’s come together hand in hand, to illuminate the great Bamiyan and its great Buddhas, to eliminate the discrimination and injustice, and to make our country’s future brighter and shiny.

At least 150 people have been killed, who is responsible?

At least 150 people have been killed, in a suicide attack, today in the fifth district of the Kabul city. Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack was carried on a convoy of minibuses, carrying students of a miliatery college from Wardak province, to Kabul. Taliban has announced that two of his members have carried on the attack. One of them detonated his bomb near the buses, while students and civilian gathered there, the second bomb blast, remained at least 150 people dead, including civilians.

After this bloody attack, the question which rises in our mind is that, where is the officials, who are responsible for protecting the people? While the insecurity is in its highest level during last months, why they didn’t mind safe guarding the convoy? What does it mean carrying hundreds of a military college’s student, without caring about the security and protection of them?

When the officials of the government, are walking through the streets of the Kabul city, you would see that at least ten armored car following them. When they cross from a street, they give order to close the street for other citizens. When they move from their home to their office, those streets which end to their office are closed. They protect themselves.

And today, hundreds of military college’s students were moving from wardak (one of the most insecure provinces) to the Kabul, they were riding without any safeguard, two suicide bomber attacked their buses, 150 people including civilians have been killed, Taliban claimed the responsibility for this attack, so who is responsible?



Today`s Attack.


The Real Face of Afghanistan

People around the world would be in this belief that, circumstances in Afghanistan have changed after 2001. 
They’d believe that, nowadays, after the collapse of the Taliban regime, fundamentalism and terrorism has been eliminated, the human rights are being reserved, women have got their rights -even they can be Minister, Afghanistan is not any more a (the most) dangerous place for children. And for all of these, they would praise the US policies and UN efforts. 
Though,They are not wrong, for they watch television showing, girls are going to school and playing football. They watch women are walking on the streets of Kabul city, without any burqa. They watch thousands of Afghanistan’s citizens, protesting against the government biased policies or Taliban’s attacks on civilian. They would think that, YES, Afghanistan is changed completely and now, there’s no oppression, no discrimination and no violence. But, these are all what they watch in the television’s screen. In other words, They see, what others want them to see. 
You can see the reality of the Afghan’s life, the real face of Afghanistan, in this picture taken by me while crossing the Kabul city’s street -Afghanistan’s capital, and this is NOT the only one.
Walking around the city, you would face hundreds of children barefooted, with weather-beaten faces and broken hearts, polishing shoes, washing cars or searching among garages for something to eat.
Walking on the streets of Kabul city, you would face girls being harassed, women being insulted, and human rights being harshly violated.
These are the reality, and the real face of Afghanistan, after 2001. 
Days are getting darker, and nights are getting colder, while the street kids, having not enough food and secure place, struggling to survive.


Street kids, maybe brother and sister, sitting next to each other, hand in hand.

Walking alongside the suicide bomber; it does not matter

Walking alongside the suicide bomber; it does not matter

Living with dangers, walking alongside the suicide bombers, being faced with a government which has problem with you, with your pen and your opinion, working for the well-being of the people, which some of them think that you do everything except helping them; In addition to the vary shortcomings of the news agency, for which you work. though, this is the real life a journalist/reporter and writer in this country, but I am very optimistic about all of these, as I think that I have many responsibilities in my country, and one of them is, reporting my people`s situation and raising their voice globally.

I believe that, I am able to help healing my people`s wounds, to proof this that my people as human beings have some basic rights and must be observed, to help the youth generation of my society achieve their goals, to work hard for my country`s girls and women get their rights, be respected in the society, attend to the schools and continue their academic life. Although, I myself am human, who has weakness and shortages, but I believe in my power, which are my voice as a reporter and my pen as writer and blogger.



me at AIT`s Campus 

One of Bijan’s costumers.

Bijan Pakzad (4 April 1940 – 16 April 2011), was an Iranian American designer of menswear and fragrances. He as an entrepreneur and designer won many awards in fashion and designing.
Bijan’s career began in Iran with the Pink Panter boutique.
After entering into the USA, he and his friend began their own business and brand, House of Bijan in 1976. The boutique, having clients from the powerful, super millionaire and most famous men in the world, described as the most expensive store in the world.
Among his clients, Bijan claimed to count five Presidents of the United States – both George Bush and his son,Barack ObamaRonald Reagan, and Bill Clinton – and other world leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair. He also dressed other fashion designers such as Oscar de la RentaTom Ford, and Giorgio Armani and high-profile actors including Tom Cruise andAnthony Hopkins. (Wikipedia)
Though the boutique’s clients are few, but before visiting, you have to have reserved a particular period of time. The boutique has many rules, which one of them is, to be eligible for buying a garment from the boutique, your net income has to be $1 million in a year.
Also, the average amount of money during buying from this boutique is $100000. it means that at least one should be a super millionaire to be able to buy one of house of Bijan’s products. Also, every single product is specifically  designed for the clients. It means that one client, do not buy the product which is bought already.

These were all about Bijan’s career and his western clients, but one of Bijan’s clients is an Afghan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the partner of Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani Ahmad-zai, in the national unity government as CEO.
His picture is framed and hanged among other Bijan’s Clients, and his name is written with gold plated ink on boutique’s window, which is for its most important clients. Those who are regularly visiting the boutique, buying the products.
Now, let’s take a look at Afghanistan and its citizens VS Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.
On November 2015, Dr . Abdullah Abdullah announced that the total of his own wealth is 10 million Afs, plus $7000 in his account at Al-Falah’s Kabul branch.
In addition, One of governmental organization, which is working to stop corruption in Afghanistan’s governmental and non-governmental offices, announced that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s total wealth is about $153000 available plus $7000 on his account. And also, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has revealed that he has two watches, and has received as gifts.

In Afghanistan, about 40% of its population are living under the poverty line, and a number of 4-8 million people are completely jobless. Also, surveys show, that about 250000 people have fled country, only during past year (2015).
Now it is up to you; Compare these with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s life, the organisation’s announcement about his wealth, and his name which is written bold, as a regular client of the most expensive store in the world.


Bleeding Afghanistan (Washington, Warlords And the Propaganda of Silence). By Sonali Kolhatkar and James Ingalls.

The book primarily addressed US citizens, those who are kept ignorant of the circumstances, situation and the reality of the life of Afghans (and US policies completely linked to) somehow directly by their government, media and other US’s allies.
For us as Afghanistan’s citizens, It’s like a great history book of our nation and country, telling us about the decades of war in Afghanistan, Soviet invasion, Mujahideen Era, Taliban’s taking over of the country and all of the events happened before 9/11 and the US policies during that times.
Also it covers the time after 9/11, which is completely a new narrative of those, which we are already informed by. It answers to the questions that everyone wants to know, such as why US invaded Afghanistan? Was it just because of 9/11 or US was looking for an excuse to attack Afghanistan? the decision to invade Afghanistan had been made before 9/11 or 9/11 was a the only great chance to attack for which no one and no country would react? Why did Karzai become the president of Afghanistan while the Northern Alliance was the first one helped US to ensure its plans, place and goals?  Was it (attacking Afghanistan) just because of ensuring the democracy, expanding the women rights, and eliminating terrorism or something else?
And other questions which would pop up in our minds, when we look back to be able to look forward.
Reading this book is completely necessary for those whose lifes are affected by the US policy before September, 11 2001 and after the US invasion (according to the book) of Afghanistan.