Afghanistan is not a safe place for Hazaras

In case of refugees, EU countries must consider Afghanistan as a dangerous place to live in, especially for those refugees who belong to hazara ethnicity and Shi’ite minority. After ISIS’s set back in Iraq where the group targets Shi’ites, Afghanistan’s Hazara people who are mostly Shi’ite, is the next target for ISIS to spread fear among and start its operation to kill civilians.
Today’s attack on Baqir-ul-Olum masque in the Western part of the city, where mostly Hazaras live in fully explain the situation of security in Afghanistan (given to this point that the attackers or ISIS has the potential to carry out attacks inside the capital) and Hazaras. During 2016 Today’s attack was the third largest attack planned by ISIS, after the attack on a rally in 23rd July and the attack at the night of Ashura inside one of the Shi’ites’s religious center/shrine. Related to this three attack, ISIS has claimed the responsibility and in its statements has declared that the group will continue targeting Shi’ites, Hazaras people.
As a result, please stop the deportation of Afghan refugees. Afghanistan is not a safe place, especially for Hazaras/Shi’ites.
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Walking alongside the suicide bomber; it does not matter

Walking alongside the suicide bomber; it does not matter

Living with dangers, walking alongside the suicide bombers, being faced with a government which has problem with you, with your pen and your opinion, working for the well-being of the people, which some of them think that you do everything except helping them; In addition to the vary shortcomings of the news agency, for which you work. though, this is the real life a journalist/reporter and writer in this country, but I am very optimistic about all of these, as I think that I have many responsibilities in my country, and one of them is, reporting my people`s situation and raising their voice globally.

I believe that, I am able to help healing my people`s wounds, to proof this that my people as human beings have some basic rights and must be observed, to help the youth generation of my society achieve their goals, to work hard for my country`s girls and women get their rights, be respected in the society, attend to the schools and continue their academic life. Although, I myself am human, who has weakness and shortages, but I believe in my power, which are my voice as a reporter and my pen as writer and blogger.



me at AIT`s Campus 

Anna Karenina.

Well, it would be better to mention this, that I am not a bookish or the one whose shelf is full of books, and his mind is full of information or…No, I am fan of, and reader of those books and pieces, that I believe; they will have surely, readers, great name and fans, at least one century after this time. And I am sure that you read or somehow, have been introduced to such books and pieces.

The Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy is one of those. Of course, that here in Afghanistan, the translated version is available (I think that the language, in which the book/piece is written have strong power to get the reader involved/plunged inside the story, than the second language/translated version). I haven’t finished reading of, but until now, I found this novel, a completely different of previous ones and a noble story. When I start reading it, after few lines, I feel that I am one of the characters, not one who plays role, but the one who is looking after the characters, who would be getting sad if the character happened to face a big problem or difficulty (specially for kitty), and the one who is really involved in the story. And this not because of anything else, but the magical power of Tolstoy`s pen, who had written the novel, with magical pen, but in a completely realistic form. While reading the story, in happy moments of it, you become happy. in the hilarious scenes, you become hilarious  while in the sad lines you get broken. And this is exactly the magical power, I am speaking of.

I will write my review of the novel here; after I finished the novel (I speak of finishing more than 800 pages). And I recommend this great novel, for those who wants to read great books/have the name of a great book in their list.

Once again, THANKS to Khalil Pazhwak for offering a great book, Always.



There are people who enjoy walking around, while it is raining.
Especially, in Kabul city. getting out of the house you would face few people in the streets, much of them are young people, wearing rainy coats, hand in hand with their friends or loved one.
They enjoy walking, as there are no other people in the streets to be bothered by. Those who are often in the streets of Kabul city, waiting for a gf-bf to bother. But in the rainy days, the bothering people are more lazy to get out of the house.
Today, it is raining, started by early morning and seems completely lovely. I am outside, walking along the street of western Kabul, listening to music, and enjoying of this cool weather in the late spring. The place where I am typing, there are few people, four pairs of gf-bf and two others, who seems likely to be students or lover or I don’t know…
They enjoy of these moments, there are no people who used to make joke of people like us. I think they are in their homes, tired of this raining. But we, the people who are tired of other days, now are enjoying.
And this the complete meaning of the life.FB_IMG_1451478382105

Let The Love Ring.

After the collapse of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan’s people gradually start to celebrate many events, Valentine is one of those.
I remember the first time I heard the word “valentine” from TV, bought by my father shortly after the US Jets started to fly over my country’s sky.I was in my village on that time Then I came to kabul.
In kabul, When valentine gets closer, I noticed that The stores begin to import the Valentine’s Day stuffs, like jewelry which is made especially for Valentine. The restaurants, especially in kabul city and many other Afghanistan’s big cities like Mazar-e-Sharif, start to offer services for youth, coming to celebrate their day.
Celebrating the events like international women’s day (8th March) day, human rights day (10th, December) and Valentine’s Day (14th February) are those international events or days which are chosen to be celebrated among Afghanistan’s people -specifically youths.
Today (the time of writing this article) is the February, 4th 2016 and it is Valentine’s Day. In Kabul city, actually this time the celebration of the Valentine’s Day was started yesterday, especially in the social networks like Facebook which is more common among Afghanistan’s young generation. Users were posting photos, indicating the Love, Valentine’s Day and togetherness.
Today, when I walk out of the house, I was seeing the sign of Valentine’s Day (celebration) through the streets, alleys and other places. The florist’s (s) were designed with Valentine gifts, cards ànd flowers as there were people who were walking around to choose a gift for their beloved. Some were boys and some other were girls, I like to say that boys were alone in the flower shop as girls were with their girlfriends…
These all were the positive side and (normal) points of Valentine’s Day celebration in my city, kabul and generally Afghanistan.
Now let’s take a look at the barriers, standing in the way of celebration of Valentine’s Day.
Afghans have their own practices, traditions and culture. In Afghanistan, after almost one and half decades since the collapse of the Taliban regime, still there are violence against women, traditions which are avoiding to celebrate events which is related to the West or celebrated by. Still there are practices which do not allow the girls to choose their own way of living and their life partner. Still there are cultural rules and regulations, avoiding the girls to go outside. And there are people who believe that the Valentine’s Day is for the Christians, and west.
A few days ago, before the celebration of valentine gets started on Facebook, there were and still are, people who condemned the celebration and those who  celebrate the valentine.
Today, when I was outside, I saw many people who were not happy with the valentine. I was talking with a person who believed that the Valentine’s Day is being used by west, to weaken the faith of Muslim’s youths and mainly to weaken the Islamic culture, rules, regulations and root. I said to him that there are many couple who celebrate the event and they believe that the valentine is a day to strengthen their relationship and enjoy their togetherness. But he responded to me more harshly, he said “valentine is west’s tool to  distract the Muslim’s attention from their own beliefs, cultures and practices to the west’s and Christian’s. Those youths, girls and boys who celebrate the valentine are not real Muslim. And the couple who celebrate the day, are not Muslim”. I asked him why by celebrating the valentine, youths become unreal Muslim and couples are fully considered as unbelievers?. He said “the couple are bigger than youth people, and they should not be weak in their faith, instead of this, they should persuade youths not to be weaken, against west’s cultural invasion”.
I am happy we both were just the passengers of the car, carrying us to our destinations, and having the road without its heavy traffic was another goodness.
Now you tell me, is the state of being happy, dangerous for human beings? Is The Being in love with someone is dreadful for the society or any culture? Do you know a person who was lover or beloved, performed suicide attack or exploded the city and drowned the children and innocent people into their red blood? After many years, have you figured out that the (root) or even a single Islamic rule got damaged or demolished by celebration of Valentine’s Day?  NO!                                  Everything is demolished by those who claim that they are real Muslim, suicide bombers are those who believe by performing the attack they will get the heaven’s key, those who are against the Valentine’s Day, are those who are against humanity and human rights. If they get power, they will not allow to celebrate the international women’s day, also. they will not allow us to vote, because they believe that democracy is also west’s tool, like Valentine.  
Never mind!…
My dear friends!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
To Those who are in love…
To those who aren’t but believe that the Valentine’s Day and the celebration of other events like this, are the only tools to make the world a better place. No war, no violence and no those rules and regulations which are the main cause of demolitions and unhappiness.
live your life lovely, enjoy your moments of togetherness and let the love express your life story.
Let the love ring.


“It’s winter” Says A Cracked Photo Frame.

  • The Spicy scent, a few candles and a cracked photo frame under a weak light. the temperature of the room seems sweltering though it’s winter.
    The weather seems strange, some days are rainy some times stormy and some others are quite wintery.
    But he doesn’t have any reason to breakdown the seasons, specify the days or think of himself that who he is or where he lives…
    He remember that once upon a time…
    Years ago, when it was one…
    Then he remembers that it was fall… “one of those lovely falls, which its scenes were fantasized by God himself in the heaven, its smell is made from the odour of the petals of roses; planted by the hands of teen angel who used to dream about her love, who’s coming riding a white Horse, with a guitar in his hand, playing lovely music in the night of making love in The Holy Land”.
    “Never mind” he says to himself.
    He laughes to the himself, that still can think about the falls, Lovely.
    “It was never mine”. The angel’s dream, and the feeling that makes him think of falls as a lovely season was not his.
    Actually it was her who came as an angel and it was fall when she came.
    “They were all the same” he thinks.
    Before her coming all of the seasons were the same, no (fall), no fantasy, no angel, no dream, no sweetheart no lover and no love.
    Every things were the same;
    There was real life running, there was happiness in the seconds and joy in the days. “Aliveness on life” he says to himself.
    She came and everything got changed, the falls become lovely, the nights become fantasized, the seconds become years and the aliveness went away…
    Things become different, as the days become night and the nights become rainy while the moonshine and raindrops were illuminating the scenes of making love in The Holy Land’s sky. The raindrop which is connecting the glory of the sky with the desires of the flower’s petals. … she became the sky, love became raindrops and he…
    “Never mind man” he continued as he was remembering the past.
    Now it’s winter, there is no fall to dream about, no day to become night no night to become rainy, no raindrop… And no angel.
    The angel herself is gone, the dryness made the petals pale and faded…
    “It’s winter” he added.
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Lionel Messi is making this Five years old’s dreams come true.

A few days ago, there was a picture of a child wearing a homemade jersey with the words “Messi 10” written on it.
It was uncertain for a while who the kid was, but Messi confirmed via Twitter that he has found him. 
The real name of “little Messi” is Murtaza Ahmadi, from Jaghuri district of Ghazni, Afghanistan. As the pictures show, he is wearing his jersey while playing on the snow covered ground. Now the little boy’s dreams are coming true, as he will join Messi at Camp Nou.
Recently, there was a protest against the policy of Afghanistan’s government — the biggest of its kind, started by Facebook users. These two stories changed many things, as a citizen of Afghanistan I see every day the number of innocent people killed by the Taliban and ISIS. This shows that Afghanistan is a dangerous country for children, therefore, their dreams coming true would be a miracle.
Being a child with dreams is great itself, but living the reality of those dreams is the greatest experience. Of course I am telling you about the life of Afghanistan’s children and people, as a citizen of Afghanistan and a witness to the last suicide attack. But now I think that I have also a dream, to witness others’ dreams come true.


His name is Murtaza Ahmadi.


He loves Messi and Football

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