And it was Midnight.

Being plunged into the harsh river of love and affairs, she hadn’t awareness of the when and where. The soft wind coming through the windows of the room, her body was zonked and her soul was stoned by, as it was a hyper itself.
She as getting deeper into that fairness river and passing pleasant moments, while inside her vein a coolness was going up and down, was sweltering in high… And that was a dreamy feeling. 

“…And It was almost midnight. the moon was shining through the trees’s leaves and her pale colored face under the dim light of the room was flushed, having been there, in that room, with that one and on that night…”

☆ what is ‘Rawza, Rawza khani’ in English? Any equivalent? 


Iran VS Saudi Arabia. 

​Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Minister of foreign affairs asked the world to stand against WAHABISM, While recently, Saudi Arabia’s top religious authority/cleric/mufti, has said that “Iranians are not Muslims”. Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh to one of Arabian Newspapers.

 “We must understand these are not Muslims, they are children of Magi and their hostility towards Muslims is an old one. Especially with the people of Sunna,” He added.

Prior to this statement of Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, The Muslim world was asked by Ayatollah Khamenei to challenge Saudi Arabia’s management of Islam’s two holiest sites. 

“Because of Saudi rulers’ oppressive behaviour towards God’s guests, the world of Islam must fundamentally reconsider the management of the two holy places and the issue of Haj,” Khamenei wrote on his website.

This words came; after an accident took place in last year’s Haj which killed more than two thousand pilgrims, of those more than four hundred were Iranians; and months of tension between two countries. 

Saudi Arabia’s Refusion to allow an international Islamic Fact finding committe start an investigation over the accident according to Khamenei, and then ,for the first time in almost three decades, Iranians’ avoidance to participate in this year’s Haj ceremony after talks on logistics and security -which resulted in nothing- was the next stage(s). though Saudi Arabia has said that Iranians are welcome if they travel from the third country. 

Saudi Arabia has blamed Iranian leaders for trying to organize a demonstration that according to Saudi Arabia, would cause chaos. Saudi Arabia called Iranians leader statements and actions; as efforts to “politicise Haj and disturbing the security of the pilgrims.”

The conflicts in Syria and Yemen also has intensified the tension between two countries and put them at odd. (they support opposing sides in Syria and Yemen). 

☆ I wish Afghans also stop wasting money in Haj/giving their own money to those who support terrorist groups and fundamentalists. 

☆ What is going on and where it would be leading to?

☆ wasn’t there remaind any other way or diplomatic channel for both of the countries to either go through or enter in to solve the problem(s)?

Goodbye Farsi.

​I promised myself not to write (Farsi) anymore. Could that be either a turning point, getting raid of the bullshits which we all are used to continue with no pause, or a personal decision. The point is this, that in both cases, it wouldn’t be wasting time for nothing. 

In addition, Writing in English help me write whatever I want to, in my way and without considering the “already fake”  Facts. Crossing the borders, which are created by language and the people who communicate with.

There would be some points, views or Simply feelings that without native language, one cannot express them in the best phase but; I would simply ignore them. Yeah, this is the best tool to expressing such feelings; keeping them for yours as the most secrets. 

Afterward, I will try, instead of writing about nothing (because there are no longer any one to read) taking pictures, of everything which has something to say, to express or to mark.

Below is to start…