The Real Face of Afghanistan

People around the world would be in this belief that, circumstances in Afghanistan have changed after 2001. 
They’d believe that, nowadays, after the collapse of the Taliban regime, fundamentalism and terrorism has been eliminated, the human rights are being reserved, women have got their rights -even they can be Minister, Afghanistan is not any more a (the most) dangerous place for children. And for all of these, they would praise the US policies and UN efforts. 
Though,They are not wrong, for they watch television showing, girls are going to school and playing football. They watch women are walking on the streets of Kabul city, without any burqa. They watch thousands of Afghanistan’s citizens, protesting against the government biased policies or Taliban’s attacks on civilian. They would think that, YES, Afghanistan is changed completely and now, there’s no oppression, no discrimination and no violence. But, these are all what they watch in the television’s screen. In other words, They see, what others want them to see. 
You can see the reality of the Afghan’s life, the real face of Afghanistan, in this picture taken by me while crossing the Kabul city’s street -Afghanistan’s capital, and this is NOT the only one.
Walking around the city, you would face hundreds of children barefooted, with weather-beaten faces and broken hearts, polishing shoes, washing cars or searching among garages for something to eat.
Walking on the streets of Kabul city, you would face girls being harassed, women being insulted, and human rights being harshly violated.
These are the reality, and the real face of Afghanistan, after 2001. 
Days are getting darker, and nights are getting colder, while the street kids, having not enough food and secure place, struggling to survive.


Street kids, maybe brother and sister, sitting next to each other, hand in hand.


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