Anna Karenina.

Well, it would be better to mention this, that I am not a bookish or the one whose shelf is full of books, and his mind is full of information or…No, I am fan of, and reader of those books and pieces, that I believe; they will have surely, readers, great name and fans, at least one century after this time. And I am sure that you read or somehow, have been introduced to such books and pieces.

The Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy is one of those. Of course, that here in Afghanistan, the translated version is available (I think that the language, in which the book/piece is written have strong power to get the reader involved/plunged inside the story, than the second language/translated version). I haven’t finished reading of, but until now, I found this novel, a completely different of previous ones and a noble story. When I start reading it, after few lines, I feel that I am one of the characters, not one who plays role, but the one who is looking after the characters, who would be getting sad if the character happened to face a big problem or difficulty (specially for kitty), and the one who is really involved in the story. And this not because of anything else, but the magical power of Tolstoy`s pen, who had written the novel, with magical pen, but in a completely realistic form. While reading the story, in happy moments of it, you become happy. in the hilarious scenes, you become hilarious  while in the sad lines you get broken. And this is exactly the magical power, I am speaking of.

I will write my review of the novel here; after I finished the novel (I speak of finishing more than 800 pages). And I recommend this great novel, for those who wants to read great books/have the name of a great book in their list.

Once again, THANKS to Khalil Pazhwak for offering a great book, Always.



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