One of Bijan’s costumers.

Bijan Pakzad (4 April 1940 – 16 April 2011), was an Iranian American designer of menswear and fragrances. He as an entrepreneur and designer won many awards in fashion and designing.
Bijan’s career began in Iran with the Pink Panter boutique.
After entering into the USA, he and his friend began their own business and brand, House of Bijan in 1976. The boutique, having clients from the powerful, super millionaire and most famous men in the world, described as the most expensive store in the world.
Among his clients, Bijan claimed to count five Presidents of the United States – both George Bush and his son,Barack ObamaRonald Reagan, and Bill Clinton – and other world leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair. He also dressed other fashion designers such as Oscar de la RentaTom Ford, and Giorgio Armani and high-profile actors including Tom Cruise andAnthony Hopkins. (Wikipedia)
Though the boutique’s clients are few, but before visiting, you have to have reserved a particular period of time. The boutique has many rules, which one of them is, to be eligible for buying a garment from the boutique, your net income has to be $1 million in a year.
Also, the average amount of money during buying from this boutique is $100000. it means that at least one should be a super millionaire to be able to buy one of house of Bijan’s products. Also, every single product is specifically  designed for the clients. It means that one client, do not buy the product which is bought already.

These were all about Bijan’s career and his western clients, but one of Bijan’s clients is an Afghan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the partner of Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani Ahmad-zai, in the national unity government as CEO.
His picture is framed and hanged among other Bijan’s Clients, and his name is written with gold plated ink on boutique’s window, which is for its most important clients. Those who are regularly visiting the boutique, buying the products.
Now, let’s take a look at Afghanistan and its citizens VS Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.
On November 2015, Dr . Abdullah Abdullah announced that the total of his own wealth is 10 million Afs, plus $7000 in his account at Al-Falah’s Kabul branch.
In addition, One of governmental organization, which is working to stop corruption in Afghanistan’s governmental and non-governmental offices, announced that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s total wealth is about $153000 available plus $7000 on his account. And also, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has revealed that he has two watches, and has received as gifts.

In Afghanistan, about 40% of its population are living under the poverty line, and a number of 4-8 million people are completely jobless. Also, surveys show, that about 250000 people have fled country, only during past year (2015).
Now it is up to you; Compare these with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s life, the organisation’s announcement about his wealth, and his name which is written bold, as a regular client of the most expensive store in the world.



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