Bleeding Afghanistan (Washington, Warlords And the Propaganda of Silence). By Sonali Kolhatkar and James Ingalls.

The book primarily addressed US citizens, those who are kept ignorant of the circumstances, situation and the reality of the life of Afghans (and US policies completely linked to) somehow directly by their government, media and other US’s allies.
For us as Afghanistan’s citizens, It’s like a great history book of our nation and country, telling us about the decades of war in Afghanistan, Soviet invasion, Mujahideen Era, Taliban’s taking over of the country and all of the events happened before 9/11 and the US policies during that times.
Also it covers the time after 9/11, which is completely a new narrative of those, which we are already informed by. It answers to the questions that everyone wants to know, such as why US invaded Afghanistan? Was it just because of 9/11 or US was looking for an excuse to attack Afghanistan? the decision to invade Afghanistan had been made before 9/11 or 9/11 was a the only great chance to attack for which no one and no country would react? Why did Karzai become the president of Afghanistan while the Northern Alliance was the first one helped US to ensure its plans, place and goals?  Was it (attacking Afghanistan) just because of ensuring the democracy, expanding the women rights, and eliminating terrorism or something else?
And other questions which would pop up in our minds, when we look back to be able to look forward.
Reading this book is completely necessary for those whose lifes are affected by the US policy before September, 11 2001 and after the US invasion (according to the book) of Afghanistan.



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