The Picture Speaks Itself.

The picture speaks itself.

“Tens of thousands of ethnic Hazaras marched through the streets calling on the government to reroute a power line through their poverty-stricken province in a massive protest that reflected public dismay with the government of President Ashraf Ghani.” Is the headline which is used by the most of the media and news agencies, around the world, But this is not the all.

The first picture:

Here is Kabul city, the capital of Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of [Afghanistan`s citizens] marched through the streets of the country`s capital, calling on the so-called national unity government to [Route] the power line through its [Main Route] which is declared by a professional company (Fichtner) at the very first. They march through the streets of Kabul city, because the NUG discriminatingly, has ordered to change the main route of the power line, as according to fischtner`s survey the line would cross the poverty-stricken province of the country, in which the most of the citizens are ethnic Hazaras. The president of the Afghanistan, shamefully, has ordered to change the route of the line, because of the nationality of that province`s (Bamyan) citizens. The president of Afghanistan by his discriminating order, proved that he is still living in the past, believing in this that by ordering to change the route of the power line, he is able to keep the soul of the citizens of this country in the dark of discrimination, as he himself live in. but he doesn’t know this that the Afghanistan’s citizens are aware of the time of their living, and the power they have with themselves. They know that they have rights, they know how to achieve their rights and they know this that no longer, no one can stop them in the way of achieving their goals, because they have a great power which is being united against the oppression, injustice and cruelty.


The second picture:

In this scene you see a demonstrator(s), greeting the afghan soldier with bunches of flowers. The president of the Afghanistan has ordered the soldiers to control the demonstrators not to violate the laws of the demonstration and the country`s. as he was not aware of this that today`s demonstrators are marched in the streets of the Kabul city, to prevent violating the defined laws of the country, which are emphasized in equality and justice. The laws which are violated by the president himself, by ordering discriminatingly to change the route of the power line crossing the province where Hazaras are living.


The third picture:

In this picture, you see another group of the demonstrators, have wear the Kabul city`s municipality, cleaning the streets of the city, after the demonstrators walking on and marching on against the messing up of the NUG and the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani. They are cleaning the streets of the city, because they know that their city need to be clean, and they are not there to mess up the streets and roads of their beloved city/country, but to clean the pages of the history of their country which would be messed up, if they allowed the president Ashraf Ghani and other guys, continuing their act of discrimination, injustice and oppression. They are fully aware of their responsibilities, duties, nowadays` world and WHAT TO DO NEXT and HOW TO WIN.




One thought on “The Picture Speaks Itself.

  1. This report explained how this protest unveiled the twisted policies of this government, it also created a brief but detailed image of this symbolic peaceful movement echoing the desire for equality for all.

    The Saxons in northern Europe robbed and took people’s lands in the medieval times, but they realised in order to survive equality and justice had to be imposed to all that made today’s Europe.

    The question is, is our government making the right decision for Afghanisyan’s tomorrow ? ??


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