Should schools start later in the morning?

DING! DING! Then hitting the snooze button, waking up with kind of headache, getting ready to start the day with no passion, lack of motivation and tiredness. Do they sound familiar? Of course about 78% of the answers are (YES). For many middle and high school student all across the world, this is a typical weekday morning. Facing with such kind of daily routine, for six years and six days a week, it is been a challenge for students, more than just academically. Are these because teens are lazy? No it is because of school start times. Sleep is an important part of our health however, since school requires students to wake up earlier than what they are used to, students feel under-rested. Schools should arrange their starting time, to prepare themselves and get to school promptly. Parents and guardians should meet up with the district to work out the idea of changing the school schedule. Schools should have a later starting time. Teen students’ need a later school start time for many reasons: it gives teens the opportunity to get much needed sleep; it improves teens’ grades; and it helps them be healthier.

First, in my opinion the best reason is that by later start time of school, teens will get more sleep. As study finds that kids and teens should get sleep 8-9 hours a day, being busy from early morning up to night with the school and relevant assignments, students after getting to home would face with kind of tired sensations. This would make them to be very tired, and to get rid of tiredness, sleeping is the only best option. But how could you get enough sleep while you have to do your homework and assignments given to you and must be submitted just in the morning of the next day? The only appropriate answer for this question is that the start time of schools should be changed; from early in the morning to the later one. If school started later, teens and kids would get more time to sleep, they would start their days with readiness and focused, to do better on assignments in class. It is proven that more sleep will intensify your focus on your academic performance and daily duties

The second reason is that if school started later in the morning, the students` grades would improve. According to a survey of sleep-deprived students, it finds that they think that a later start time for school and tests given later in the school day would result in better grades. The survey was presented at the American Thoracic Society 2007 International Conference, on Sunday, May 20. The survey is performed on 280 students of Harriton High School in suburban Philadelphia and found that: 78% of students said it was difficult to get up in the morning. 70% thought that their grades would improve if they had more sleep. 90% thought their academic performance would improve if school were to start later, and only 16% said they regularly had enough sleep. Also, a report says that many high schools in Kentucky and Minneapolis made the change to a later start time and their attendance and test scores immediately rose. The failure rates also go down as the school start time gets later. As by waking up after getting enough sleep, the student would be more alert and ready to catch and learn what he or she is supposed to do on that day. The student would have more time to get fully ready for his/her assignments and would be more focused on. Even though high school students try to focus on their academics, but lack of sleep jeopardize their physical and mental activities. Lack of sleep causes an increase in absences, and this would be a decrease in academic performance. According to research on “more sleep equals more concentration awareness”. It means that the students by getting enough time to sleep, would have more awareness, and focused on that day`s jobs and assignments. Your whole body and system needs enough time to wake up (FULLY). Researches show that human brain is waking up early, but needs time to arrange itself with the ideas like: a new day, a new start. It means that after waking up in the morning, the student needs time to think deeply about his/her day, schedule his/her time according to that day`s assignments which cover both the academic performance and normal life of a human being, and finally be completely ready to meet and face with the demands of that day; without rushing.

Finally, a later starts will help the students to be healthier. First of all it is known to all of us, that in order to decrease our sleepiness, we should use caffeine to wake up as early in the morning. Also, it is very obvious that using much caffeine would damage our body`s natural system and platform. Actually, by using caffeine we force our brain and our body, to be aware before the time it should be. Teens usually get their energy from the caffeine found in energy drinks, soda or coffee. These are usually full of sugar and calories, which are the cause of many health problems during the study life and adultness. In addition, in order for your body to grow and develop normally, human beings need a normal life and enough time to sleep. if you do not get enough sleep, it will lower the immune system and increase one`s chances for getting ill and being sick. For body to grow, and for brain to develop, human beings need regular refueling often from food. It means that if you go to a high school with a later start time, you would have enough time to have a proper and healthy breakfast. Therefore, student who go to high school with a later start time, generally have very low average of facing with the problems with issues such as stress, depression, irritation, unhappiness, obesity and even drugs use.

I already know this, that you would put all of the above words and statements, under the title of being lazy or laziness. But you wouldn’t have the answer of these questions, that how you could do your best when your body is tired of being rushed by lack of sleep and heavy loads of the last day`s duties. Or how your brain could be fully aware while it needs enough time to rest and get ready for a new day and new start. And finally how you could be healthy while you do not get enough sleep, proper and healthy breakfast and time to relax all of your body and brain, to make them ready for the new day and new assignments. In other words, the mentioned reasons should not be marked by laziness, they should be strongly linked to the normal life, natural developing, healthy condition, being completely ready and awareness.

In conclusion, if schools around the country consider changing their tradition start times to  later start times, it would have many positive effects which I stated just the important ones which are positive effects on students` sleep patterns, academic performances and overall health both mentally and physically. Firstly, by getting enough sleep students in the class wouldn’t be tired and sleepless. Secondly, it would help them to be more focused on their attendance, readiness, awareness or simply academic performances. Thirdly, it would be healthier for the teens` body and brain to develop normally by having enough time to have a proper and healthy breakfast. So, not changing is very harmful and possibly life threatening to the students of modern age. As the time is going forward, so is about the life`s loads which are getting heavier, therefore, the traditional start time of schools with its tiredness, sleeplessness and unawareness would create a huge gap between yesterdays` and tomorrows` duties. So, it is very important for the government and schools managerial board to set up a time and arrange a schedule to meet both with the demands of modern age and one`s condition.3107948.large


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