The Afghanistan Women’s Cycling Team Joins List Of Peace Prize Nominees.

The Afghanistan women’s cycling team is among the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Afghanistan’s women’s cycling team has been introduced by 118 Italian legislators. All of these candidates are trying to bring peace in their societies across the globe. Nadia Murad, a woman who fled from ISIS and become the voice of thousands of women, was also introduced by the same Italian group. 
During three decades of war and violence, Afghan women were forced to be silent and behave like slaves. Finally they were deprived of everything, they became the patience stone. In that time especially during the Taliban’s dark regime, women were not allowed to go outside without a male member of the family. Going to school became a crime which was being counted against the cultural and traditional practices and Islamic rules and regulations. 
But now after almost 15 years, Afghanistan’s women are riding bikes to bring peace to their community. They are allowed to speak, to go outside, to work, and to participate in the society to show their existence. They have goals to be achieved and they are strong enough to fight every single barrier in the way.


Afghanistan women's cycling team


Afghanistan women's cycling team.

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