Lionel Messi is making this Five years old’s dreams come true.

A few days ago, there was a picture of a child wearing a homemade jersey with the words “Messi 10” written on it.
It was uncertain for a while who the kid was, but Messi confirmed via Twitter that he has found him. 
The real name of “little Messi” is Murtaza Ahmadi, from Jaghuri district of Ghazni, Afghanistan. As the pictures show, he is wearing his jersey while playing on the snow covered ground. Now the little boy’s dreams are coming true, as he will join Messi at Camp Nou.
Recently, there was a protest against the policy of Afghanistan’s government — the biggest of its kind, started by Facebook users. These two stories changed many things, as a citizen of Afghanistan I see every day the number of innocent people killed by the Taliban and ISIS. This shows that Afghanistan is a dangerous country for children, therefore, their dreams coming true would be a miracle.
Being a child with dreams is great itself, but living the reality of those dreams is the greatest experience. Of course I am telling you about the life of Afghanistan’s children and people, as a citizen of Afghanistan and a witness to the last suicide attack. But now I think that I have also a dream, to witness others’ dreams come true.


His name is Murtaza Ahmadi.


He loves Messi and Football

(Already published on slant news: )


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