The Sun and the pavem…

It was spring, every step of the pavement was colored by the light of the sun, coming through the leaves of the flowers. Maybe rose…
There were shades, creating the picture of happiness and love. the shades were created by the trees which were planted years ago, by the hands of those who believed in themselves.
But now it’s winter, everything is iced by the freezing weather of the city; even the hearts. There is no feeling about the rainy days of the week, and no reason to walk on that pavement, because this kind of people do not have the sense and the power to believe in that picture and to think of it as a line which is connecting to hearts, two steps, two shadows of two person, two seconds of being together and finally two single breath of a tired person, to survive in a city which its people are afraid of walking through the alleys of the love, kindness and happiness; people like hhh…
Maybe they take a step with you, but their hearts are not with them, their feelings are touching nothing belong to that pavement, even they are not able to see. they can not see those shadows and they are unable to look forward and farther, to understand and to respect the sun providing light crossing through that flowers and finally creating that picture as it is a reminiscence of our past, when everything was like that picture.
When everything was real, when there were honesty and presence of the true feelings, on which you trust.


Today's sunset

Today’s sunset. January 30 2016



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