The #moon_is_shining

alley, the longest in the city. Kind of  alleys that people are afraid of walking through them.
Night…The night before the moon get completed, in the winter of a tired year,  which its ground is; colored by the blood of a girl, a sister, a loved one and finally a human being by the name of Maryam.
Oh sorry, these days Maryam…
And there is no rain, no snow and even no cloud. People are reasoning, even though they know there is no reason behind this scenario.
Arrived at the end of that allay, he just realized that the allay goes no where.
A dead end.
The moon is shining, even though there is no felling about, he doesn’t believe in the shining of the moon anymore.
Well maybe once upon a time, it was such night, and it was the moon; shining when he saw the shiny face of his real moon.




☆This allay is located close to my room And photos have been taken yesterday.
The moon belongs to the last night.


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