Damaged goods

In a society that the #atonement (diiah) of a #woman is equal to the atonement of a man’s testicle. the word to describe those girls or women who have been raped in our #society and are still alive or survived, is “Damaged goods”.
The #first_lady of #US will launch a trip to the Middle East. To address in the jordanian schools and attending at global education conference in Qatar.
She is well known for her efforts in the area of education and human rights.
her decoded speeches about her trip.
“I will be visiting girls at a school in Jordan -one of many schools in that country educating both jordanian and children whose families fled the conflict in Syria- to highlight the power of investment in girls’ education.
I also will be speaking at a global education conference in Qatar. I will be urging countries to investigating in girls’ education and challenge laws and practices that silence women and brutualize them.
#Laws that forced child to #marriage, laws that allow martial rape and disadvantage women in work place.
We should never have to accept our girls having their bodies mutilated or being #married off to grown men as teenager.
Scholars, bathrooms and safe transportation will only go so far if societies fail to punish rapists and continue to reject survivors of rape as 《#damaged_goods》.
As a first lady, a mother and a human being I can not walk away from these girls and I plan to keep raising my voice on their behalf for the rest of my life”.



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