For those people who are fall in love with someone in somewhere…

By seeing her, I feel that my heart is comingout from my chest, and flying to sky among rainy weather and lovely clouds. My eyes were twisting the ray of sun which was coming through gray clouds. The rain was sounding like romantic music which I used to listen them every day.

But those days have been passing slowly, and now I am not able to see her shiny face and her long black hair. Day after day I forget her face and this is like a bullet which is coming to you and you have no way to escape. I see her pretty face in a blur filter, which is like seeing the flower among rain.

Although, I am forgetting her face, but I will never forget her love which is in deepest point of my broken heart. I don’t know where she is, but I know that, and I feel that everywhere which I am, her pretty face is smiling to me. Like the first time when she was smiling to me, and I was standing before an old tree.

I can`t see her by my eyes, but I feel her every time when I breath. I think that breathing is more important than seeing something. When you lose your sighting it means that you lost just your sight not something else, but when you can`t breath it means that your life is ended.


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