The diary of a young girl (Anne Frank)

The Diary of a Young Girl

“The Diary of a Young Girl” is the story of a Jewish girl by the name of (Anne Frank) and her family in the years 1942-1944, which was written by herself as a daily diary in a cache/hiding place.

Anne Frank was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Up to the age of five she lived with her father Otto, mother Edith and her older sister Margo in an apartment on the Frankfurt. When Hitler took the power in Germany in 1933, the family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands in order to escape the Nazi`s regime persecution of the Jews. Seven years later, however, the Nazi army occupied the territory of the Netherlands and shattered the transient peace of family. In July 1942, the Nazi authorities in the Netherlands had ordered that they must send all Jews in the death camps in Poland. Anne and her family get hid in an attic apartment behind the building which was Otto Frank’s business building. Soon Four another Jewish also joined the family as they were family friends. While the Nazis hunted Jews in the whole of the Netherlands, by sacrifices and courage of some their friends they continued their living in underground, who brought them food and other needs. Finally, an anonymous Dutch revealed the hiding place to police on August 4 1944. The German secret police (Gestapo) and their Dutch collaborators raided the building. The eight detainees were transferred to the Auschwitz camp in occupied Poland. Where Anne and his sister Margo were sent to “Bergen blsn`s camps” in northern Germany and forced to work in Nazis` labor camps in late October 1944. After months of forced labor at the camp, Anne and Margo died due to illness (typhus) in March 1945, just weeks before the camp was liberated by British troops on April 15, 1945. Anne’s mother, Edith Frank, has died in Early January 1945 in Auschwitz. Among the hiding people, only Otto Frank (The Anne`s Father) survived after the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops on January 27 1945 after his release, he returned to Amsterdam. Anne Frank during her two years spent in hiding, she made her diary her confidante and memories book, in which she recorded all of her experience, feelings, fears and hopes. After the arrest of those who were hiding, “Miep wigs” her father`s employee which had made a lot of help to them in hiding, found her diary in cache. After the war Miep wigs by getting information about Anne`s death she gave the diary to otto frank. and in 1947 he (Otto Frank) published the memoir in the original language (Dutch). Since then, Anne Frank’s diary has been translated into more than sixty languages ​​and has become one of the most famous books of the twentieth century. Millions of people around the world become familiar with one of the countless victims of the Nazi regime by reading the diary of a Dutch Schoolgirl, and ANNE FRANK had changed to the symbol of the Hitler`s Fascism.

***Although I am on page 136, but up to this point I realized many things from this great book. Being hide is not easy for human beings. It is not like jail or somewhere else, where you have not access just to your social life. In this book the writer and her family have no access not only to their social life like school, hospital but also they are not able to turn away the curtains of their rooms in order to taking sunshine. Fears, hopes and feelings are gathered in one attic, and controlling them are a very hard job. Fear of being arrested, Hope for having a good future and feeling the pains which are piercing your body and your soul, are not a normal daily life.
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For those people who are fall in love with someone in somewhere…

By seeing her, I feel that my heart is comingout from my chest, and flying to sky among rainy weather and lovely clouds. My eyes were twisting the ray of sun which was coming through gray clouds. The rain was sounding like romantic music which I used to listen them every day.

But those days have been passing slowly, and now I am not able to see her shiny face and her long black hair. Day after day I forget her face and this is like a bullet which is coming to you and you have no way to escape. I see her pretty face in a blur filter, which is like seeing the flower among rain.

Although, I am forgetting her face, but I will never forget her love which is in deepest point of my broken heart. I don’t know where she is, but I know that, and I feel that everywhere which I am, her pretty face is smiling to me. Like the first time when she was smiling to me, and I was standing before an old tree.

I can`t see her by my eyes, but I feel her every time when I breath. I think that breathing is more important than seeing something. When you lose your sighting it means that you lost just your sight not something else, but when you can`t breath it means that your life is ended.

Where which i am

Every things are fine here:

The dust in the eyes, the bone in throat.

When I participated in its test, the test was passed successfully by me unfortunately, it was the winter of 1389. It was praising by everyone; its dormitory, its teachers, the teaching method which was running there and its atmosphere which it had were praising. Actually on those years it was such place.

The total of its students were about 250 person, namely the acceptance was lower and they could assist not only in teaching, but also they could support and assist the dormitory as well.

By the end of 1389, the [takhnik sanawi high school] which was written in its billboard, gave its place to [afghan institute of technology].

That was the start of downfall in teaching and dormitory`s quality. In 1390 the institute was supposed to accept about 1000 person as new students in New Year, which were a big digit. Managing and sponsoring that number of students were a big problem for DMTVET. That was a mistake which was happened by management of AIT and DMTVET.

By starting of 1390, my new life was also starting slowly; getting out from my simply, honestly and happy life and entering in an atmosphere full of prejudice, enmity, violence and fraud.

Me and my friends` life were affected by these points, the prejudicing was as honor, the enmity was the sign of chivalry, the violence was normal and fraud was the main principal of life.

It was 1390, which for the first time I was seeing the destiny of youth being played by the name of religion and tribe. It was 1390 when I knew the corruption as reason of being permanent in an office.

I was in 10 grade, first semester and I was trying hardly to achieve best score and catch my favorite field (architecture). Maybe the ayatulkursee surah was reading by me 10 time after every daily pray, maybe more than 10. Finally I achieve 89% and was joined in architecture department. The standard score was 86%. The second semester of tenth grade was started and I go to class, but I do not find the class which I suppose. The majority of my classmates` average was 10 percent below the standard, which we call them as [parachute`s person], namely the person which is coming to a place by parachute. The lessons and chapters was easier than first semester, not by their level, but also from this aspect that teacher have been lazier, and the students was not trying enough. Everyone was reached to their goals which was succeeding in architecture field. And it was enough on that time.

In dormitory:

As a new person which is coming from an individual and personal atmosphere, into a social society/atmosphere like dormitory; I was blest/lucky. Two of my cousins were studying there at 11 grade, and they support me, namely the pick me up into their room, my roommates were from my homeland [ghazni], majority of them from malistan. They were conducting with me not as a new person, but as a brother. We can feel better the being newcomer by watching [the prison break]. Oh, it should be mentioned that all of us were watching the prison break every night. Our room was the happiest, noisy, and was the best room in third block. 12 person were living in a room which had capacity for 8 person.

The 1391 comes, but our chapters were not changed. We print and read the same chapters which were getting fired in the past year. The only things which were changed were, the school books (Islamic science, Dari, Pashtu…) even our teachers were not changed. Without thee technical drawing and map drawing, still we have studied just the history of architecture not itself. We would face (what is architecture? And who are architect?) Title, instead of studying designing and so on…

We would have passed the 1392 also like this. The chapters were the same as last year`s chapters, just their names were changed. Our teachers were those teachers, that we have made for them destak door as practical work, not as bribe.

But, in dormitory has come a lot of changes, in 1390 we were about 500 students totally in dormitory; the complex of dormitory has made by three blocks each of them in two floor, every floor has fourteen rooms with six toilets and six bathroom. But in 1392, about 750 students were living in dormitory. The toilets and bathrooms which are inside of buildings were closed. Instead of them they built eight toilets with two bathroom outside of the blocks. (Although four or five of them were closed often). The dormitory and students condition were like (sona) jail in (prison break).

In 1393, I was in 13 grade but nothing was changed, not teaching chapters, nor teachers, not dormitory`s condition, nothing…

I was in dormitory for two months of 1393, but the condition were unbearable. Rioting, looting, corruption, prejudice and the food were worst than before. Cause of this I was getting off from dormitory, by getting out form dormitory nothing would change, except one thing, I have not worried about being wounded in dormitory anymore. The Afghanistan`s dormitories or I say clear the dormitories which have located in Kabul city are the spactators of being killed or wounded of their students like 1391`s case which were happened in dormitory of Kabul university. At the same days my best friend was wounded for nothing. These reasons were enough for me, getting out.

This year I am in 14 grade, or I am in my last year. Nothing has changed, not we have new chapters, nor new teachers.

We are studying 3 historical subject: the world`s architecture history (which is telling about second sargon palace), the Islamic architecture history and the architecture`s history of Afghanistan. Namely, the condition of persons who are responsible for preparing the teaching material is acute than (noh gonbad masque in Balkh). If I say clearly the persons who are responsible for preparing materials, are (offline) or in flight mode. They have no information about world`s architecture and architecture`s world. They know the betoon gas as new discovered or new technology in the world. Disappointment.